Practical workshop expression of interest

To ensure you have the required background knowledge before undertaking the practical workshop, we highly recommend full completion of the online training modules. Click here to go to the e-learning page

The workshop will be held outdoors and (if conditions are suitable) a demonstration burn will be lit. As the location of the workshop will simulate an actual planned burn site, participants will need to wear suitable clothing and familiarise themselves with the site safety instructions.

Workshop outcomes

Participants will:

• Understand the safety considerations relevant to undertaking a planned burn.

• Be able to apply their knowledge from the foundation online/face-to-face learning sessions in preparing a burn plan and understand the legal requirements.

• Become familiar with common planned burning and firefighting equipment.

• Be familiar with the fuel assessment process.

• Demonstrate how to prepare control lines using a rakehoe.

• Demonstrate identifying assets of value and potential hazards.

• Demonstrate the safe use and maintenance of rakehoes and drip torches.

• Where possible, undertake a small, controlled burn to demonstrate fire behaviour for test burn observation and demonstration of lighting patterns.

• Undertake mop up of the site and ensure all fuels are safe.

Bushfire Prepare workshop fact sheet